Jason Roy, the cricket star, is Krikya Ambassador. This partnership helps Roy’s image in the industry. Also it improves the brand awareness. With Roy’s influence, the bookie will reach more people and improve its market position. Also with his support people recognize and trust the brand more. Roy also helps them to engage more with fans on social media. This partnership makes the bookmaker more trustworthy to cricket fans in Bangladesh. Thus, It creates chances for the company to grow.

Krikya Ambassador

Jason Roy Statement 

After the arrangements, Jason Roy comment officially as Ambassador of Krikya:

“I’m delighted to announce that I have become Krikya Ambassador.  I’m looking forward to working with them. Krikya is one of the most exciting sportsbooks in Bangladesh. I will help them to amplify their marketing campaigns in Bangladesh.

Benefits of having Jason Roy as Ambassador 

Jason Roy in the role of the ambassador will bring several benefits for Krikya. Some of them are: 

  • Brand awareness: the partnership will increase the visibility of the brand.
  • Trust: consumers will trust more in the brand.
  • Market positioning: the influence will improve the sportsbook out on the market.
  • Audience Grow: Roy’s popularity will expand and grow Krikya’s audience.
  • Social Media Engagement: presence will increase the social media interaction.
  • Brand Image: The association will improve the brand image.

Impact on Krikya Brand Image

Jason Roy as ambassador will improve the way people perceive Krikya Bangladesh as a brand. Now, people trust Krikya more, and this will result in positive side effects as indicated in the table below.

Effect on SalesIncreased revenue potential
Market ExpansionEntry into cricket-loving regions
Overall Brand ImageEnhanced credibility and trust


The collaboration between cricket star Jason Roy and Krikya as their brand ambassador is important. It highlights the potential for athletes to extend their influence beyond their sport.