The KRIKYA VIP Program is an exclusive membership program that offers loyal players a superior gambling experience and rewards.

By joining the VIP Program of KRIKYA, Bangladeshi players can enjoy various benefits and privileges.

These offers will enhance their overall experience with sports betting and casino play.

Overall, the loyalty program offers multiple tiers, each with its own set of advantages, encouraging players to engage more and reach higher levels for better perks.


Become KRIKYA VIP Member

All new Krikya members begin at the Normal tier. While you play and bet you can upgrade to a higher VIP tier.

Thus, to achieve this you must meet specific deposit and turnover requirements.

Remember, once you achieve the necessary deposit and turnover amounts within the same month, your tier will automatically be upgraded.

In case of issues do not hesitate to contact Krikya agents for assistance.

The KRIKYA VIP Program is structured into several tiers, each providing increasing levels of benefits. Below there is a detailed look at the tier system

VIP Levels


  • Upgrade Requirements: ৳10,000 deposit and ৳80,000 turnover within the same month.
  • Benefits: 0.10% rebates on slots, live casino, and sports betting; 1% deposit coins.
Club Tier


  • Upgrade Requirements: ৳500,000 deposit and ৳2,500,000 turnover.
  • Benefits: 0.50% slots rebate, 0.20% live casino rebate, 0.20% sports rebate; 1% deposit coins; ৳5,000 upgrade bonus.
Diamond Tier


  • Upgrade Requirements: ৳3,000,000 deposit.
  • Benefits: 0.60% slots rebate, 0.30% live casino rebate, 0.30% sports rebate; 2% deposit coins; ৳20,000 upgrade bonus.
Heart Tier


  • Upgrade Requirements: ৳8,000,000 deposit.
  • Benefits: 0.80% slots rebate, 0.50% live casino rebate, 0.60% sports rebate; 5% deposit coins; ৳60,000 upgrade bonus.
Spade Tier


  • Upgrade Requirements: ৳15,000,000 deposit.
  • Benefits: 1.00% slots rebate, 0.80% live casino rebate, 0.80% sports rebate; 8% deposit coins; ৳100,000 upgrade bonus.


  • Upgrade Requirements: Special invitation only.
  • Benefits: 1.20% slots rebate, 1.00% live casino rebate, 1.00% sports rebate; 10% deposit coins; special upgrade bonus

Benefits of KRIKYA VIP Program

The KRIKYA VIP Program is structured to offer escalating benefits as members advance through the tiers. Here are some of the key benefits that members can enjoy:

  • Rebates: Members receive rebates on slots, live casino, and sports betting. These rebates increase as you move up the tiers, providing more significant returns on your wagers.
  • Deposit Coins: Each tier offers a certain percentage of deposit coins based on your deposits. These coins can be used for various rewards, including spinning the Wheel of KRIKYA for cash prizes.
  • Upgrade Bonuses: Upon meeting the upgrade requirements for a new tier, members receive substantial bonuses as a reward for their progress.
  • Tier Retention: The Club and Diamond tiers offer the advantage of retaining accumulated deposit and turnover amounts over time, unlike the higher tiers which reset monthly.

Here’s a detailed look at the benefits associated with each VIP tier:

VIP PrivilegesClubDiamondHeartSpadeAceRaja
Slots Rebate (%)0.100.500.600.801.001.20
Live Casino Rebate (%)
Sport Rebate (%)
Deposit Coins (%)1125810
Upgrade Bonus (৳)2005,00020,00060,000100,000Special Invitation

Player Reviews – Final Verdict

Players who have joined the KRIKYA have shared their positive experiences for the VIP Program, highlighting the significant benefits and enhanced gaming experience. Here are some common points mentioned in player reviews:

Increased Rebates

Many players appreciate the increased rebates on their favorite games, which add value to their wagers.


Generous Bonuses

The upgrade bonuses provide a substantial boost to their gaming funds, making progression through the tiers worthwhile.


Exclusive Benefits

The higher percentage of deposit coins and the ability to retain accumulated amounts in the Club and Diamond tiers are particularly praised for offering long-term value.

Player Review

Customer Support

VIP members often receive priority customer support, which enhances their overall experience with prompt and personalized assistance.

Customer Support


What is the KRIKYA VIP Program?

The KRIKYA VIP Program is a membership that offers exclusive benefits and privileges and rewards to loyal customer.

How do I join KRIKYA?

Visit the KRIKYA website, click “sign up,” and follow the instructions to complete your registration. For assistance, contact KRIKYA customer service.

How can I become a VIP member?

Start at the Normal tier and meet the specified deposit and turnover requirements within the same month. Your tier will be automatically upgraded upon meeting these requirements.

What benefits do VIP members get?

VIP members receive upgrade bonuses, deposit coins, and rebates on slots, live casino, and sports betting. The benefits increase with higher VIP tiers.

Will my VIP status be affected if I’m inactive?

For Heart, Spade, and Ace tiers, inactivity for 3 months will result in a downgrade. Diamond and Club tiers are not affected by inactivity.

Can I carry over my deposit and turnover amounts to the next month?

No, you must meet the deposit and turnover requirements within the same month for a tier upgrade. Accumulated amounts do not carry over to the next month.